How to clean grease from pans?

12-05, 2022 / in News

When the pan is in use, if there is too thick grease, it should be cleaned with a suitable method. Here's how to easily clean the grease on the pan.


1. Take a shovel to remove the grease from the pan, and pour vinegar on top of the grease.


2. The next step is to sprinkle salt and starch on the grease in the pot, and wait for about ten minutes.


3. Then take a cloth, repeatedly scrub against the grease in the pot, and then rinse it with clean water. Note that it is necessary to clean it in time to make the pan last longer and it will be more convenient to use next time.


Summary: The relevant content on how to easily clean the oil stains on the pan is introduced here. You can clean it according to the above methods. During the cleaning process, the details must be handled well. Only after it is cleaned can it be used . Hope the above removal method can help you.