How to choose frying pan and wok?

12-05, 2022 / in News

In addition to the various ingredients and seasonings used in cooking, the pot we use is also very important. If we do not choose a good pot, then cooking will be difficult will be greatly affected.


I believe everyone knows that chefs in many restaurants are very picky about the pots and pans they use, which shows the importance of a good pot. So how should we choose a good pot in our daily life? Today we will talk about how to choose a frying pan and a wok.


Frying pan

We usually use a frying pan when frying eggs, fish or pancakes. The bottom of the skillet will heat more evenly, making it better for frying some foods. It is often used at home, so we should pay more attention when choosing a frying pan.


When choosing a frying pan, it is best to choose one with a slightly thicker bottom. Because the thicker the bottom, the more heat is stored. In this way, when we are frying food, the bottom will be heated more evenly, which can avoid the problem of food being burnt due to excessive local temperature.


In addition to paying attention to the thickness of the bottom of the frying pan, it is recommended that you choose a cast iron frying pan when choosing a frying pan. Cast iron skillets are easier to work with, heat more evenly and are healthier to use than coated skillets.


In addition, when buying a wok, you need to pay attention to it. Some woks can only be used on the open flame of the gas stove, and cannot be used on the induction cooker. If you usually use induction cooker more, you can choose the universal frying pan of gas stove and induction cooker.



There are many wok ingredients on the market today. In addition to the non-stick pans and iron pans we are more familiar with, there are also wok pans made of aluminum and medical stone. We need to pay attention to distinguishing different materials when purchasing.


As for non-stick pans, you must be familiar with them. Many friends in the family are using non-stick pans. Non-stick pans are very convenient, but the coating is prone to peeling off after a long time of use. certain influence.


If you want to choose a wok, then the most recommended choice is the iron pan. Iron pans transfer heat faster and more evenly. As long as we pay attention to maintenance when we usually use it, it will not rust, and the more it is used, the more convenient it is.


The most important thing is that there is no coating inside the iron pan. We don't have to worry about the impact of coating peeling off on our health. It will be more convenient when cooking.